Business paths

In addition to psychosocial and relationship therapy programs, I also offer professional guidance for business therapy and coaching programs.

Business therapy and coaching

Whether you're an entrepreneur struggling with work-life balance, a professional looking to avoid stress and burnout, or a team striving for improved communication and collaboration, the business therapy and coaching programs are designed to help you and your team to support.

My approach

I understand that business challenges often go hand in hand with personal well-being issues. As an experienced therapist, I integrate a holistic approach to achieve both personal and business goals. I offer tailor-made programs that focus on:

  • Effective communication and leadership
  • Team dynamics and collaboration
  • Work-life balance and personal growth

Why choose Ibalansz

I am an experienced therapist with expertise in both personal and business guidance.

Customized programs: I understand that every business challenge is unique. Programs are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of you and your team.

Results-oriented: I strive to achieve measurable results and support you and your team in achieving sustainable success.



Ready to achieve both personal and business balance? Contact me. Discover how Ibalansz can guide you and your team on the road to well-being and success.


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You can easily make an appointment online via my website. The practice is located in Hilversum.