Couples therapy for
bi-cultural couples

For whom?

Do you recognize this? Have you grown apart due to your cultural differences? Is there a lack of communication, or are you only talking about the groceries? Is there no intimacy? Is there an affair or a third party involved?

This is what you get

I will help you to overcome the problems you experience within the relationship through couples therapy.

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy in which partners go to therapy together. The problems of one or both partners are central.

For whom? 

Couples therapy is for couples who want more love and intimacy in their relationship.
Do you recognize this?: 

Small misunderstandings can escalate very quickly.
You are becoming more and more estranged.
The recurring irritations, tensions and arguments make you desperate.
You feel lonely and misunderstood and you increasingly sleep with your backs to each other.
Divorce or leaving seems like the only solution, but deep down, that's not what you want.


What is the duration of this therapy? 

The duration can vary from a few weeks to several months or years. Every person is different and has experienced different things, so every process is different. At Ibalansz I always look for a personal treatment process that suits you.

How does this work at Ibalansz? 

During therapy you will experience that the communication and the intimacy will improve. You will also experience that the fights will become less and that the peace will restore in your house.

The treatments can also take place online.



Here you are able to make an appointment for a first session.

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