Individual therapy for (Afro) Surinamese people

Do you recognise as an (Afro) Surinamese that you have learned that you are not allowed to talk about things that are going on in your home? Are you ashamed to tell your family, friends or relatives how you REALLY feel and/or how you are REALLY doing? And, can't you figure it out by yourself?

I am of Surinamese descent and I know how complicated it can be when you get stuck.

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is about supporting and helping people with complaints that arise due to problems in personal, relational or social areas.

How does this work at Ibalansz? 

As a therapist I stand next to you, support and guide you so that you can open up more and be more able to be yourself. In the therapy I will be sensitive and give attention to the cultural context of being a descendant from Suriname.
My working method is characterized by a personal, motivating approach, which I combine with thorough professional knowledge. Of course there is room for sadness and also for laughter.

The treatments can also take place online.

What is the duration of this therapy? 

The duration can vary from a few weeks to several months or years. Every person is different and has experienced different things, so every process is different. At Ibalansz I always look for a personal treatment process that suits you.


Val je niet onder de genoemde doelgroep? 

Then you can still go to Ibalansz, because everyone is welcome here!


Vergoeding verzekering

De volgende verzekeringen vergoeden (deels of geheel) psychosociale therapie: Aevitea, CZ, CZ Direct, De Friesland, EUCARE/AEVITAE,IZA, IZZ, Menzis, Nationale Nederlanden,Ohra, ONVZ, PNO Zorg, PZP, Salland, Studenten goed verzekerd, United Consumers, UMC, Unive, VGZ, VVAA, Zekur, Zilveren kruis/Achmea, Zorg direct FBTO.



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