Online therapy in the Carribean

Do you live in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands or Suriname and do you experience problems in your relationship? Are you constantly arguing with your partner? Are you or has your partner cheated on you?

For whom?

Could you use help to improve your relationship, but would you rather have a therapist who does not live on the island or in your country? Then look no further and make an appointment with me directly for online couples therapy

This is what you get

I will help you to overcome the problems you experience within the relationship through online couples therapy. Through the online therapy you will experience that the fights decrease and the peace in the house increases. You will learn to recognize and stop the negative patterns and to talk about cheating, so that you understand each other better and the relationship is restored and strengthened.


After registration and if the costs of € 198,00 for the first session is paid in full, I will send a questionnaire that you complete by yourself or, in the case of couples therapy, together with your partner. In addition, I will ask you to read and agree to the terms and conditions, the privacy statement and the complaint and disciplinary law documents prior to the start. During the intake, we will determine the goals of the therapy together, and we will discuss which trajectory is appropriate for your request for help. After the agreement of a trajectory, payment is made in full, and we will start with the therapy.

Ibalansz works with a safe online program.
The therapy session an also be conducted in Dutch.



For questions you can send an email to I aim to answer the email within 24 hours.

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Make an appointment

You can easily make an appointment online via my website. The practice is located in Hilversum.